Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Warehouse Sale at Nationalbookstore (15-18 Nov 2012)

From 15-18 November at 10 am to 7 pm, get up to 80% off on books, supplies and gift items at the 4th Floor of National Book Store Quezon Avenue cor. Sct. Borromeo and Panay Avenue., Quezon City, Philippines. Visit their Facebook fanpage for details by clicking the image above. See you there!

Book Launching: Trese Five at National Bookstore

This is the fifth series of Trese Comic Book by Filipino writers Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. Trese 5 is different from the previous four series considering that it contains one plot of Alexandra Trese's adventures, including prominent Philippine personalities. The book launching highlighted the booksigning and a raffle draw of t-shirts and print of one of the characters in the story - Maliksi. The launching was held on 10 November at Bestsellers Bookstore (sister store of National Bookstore) located at Galleria Mall, Ortigas. Budjetter and Kajo will have another date for booksigning at Alabang Center on the 24th November. Excerpts of the interviews will be posted soon!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Study Abroad: World Education Exhibit, 16-18 Nov 2012 (Cebu and Manila)

This event is the first World Education Exhibit (WEE) organized by IDP Philippines to be held in Manila and Cebu., 17-18 Nov and 16 Nov, respectively. This biggest educational exhibit aims to gather thousands of Filipino students who are planning to study, work and even migrate oversea. Expected universities and colleges joining the event are coming from Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and Canada. IDP will also provide free consultation and processing of applications during the event for those who plan to study in Australia. For details, click the image above to visit IDP Facebook fanpage.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Bookface: Skyworld - Filipino comic books

SKYWORLD tells the stories of a tikbalang prince who is in search of vengeance for the death of his father, a murdered Skygod that returns to present day Manila, and the Queen of the Asuang who unleashes the deadly Bakunawa (dragon) – all of these come together when Andoy, a crippled orphan, discovers that he has yet to fulfill a prophecy dating back to the time of Lapu-Lapu. The prophecy tells us of an ancient tribe that traveled to our lands through land bridges. This tribe was made of warriors known as the Sons of Heaven. They were “fearsome warriors gifted with strength beyond mortal men, ruled by a code that was not of this earth.” With them was an amulet that carried all the source of their power. The amulet was passed from one generation to the next. It was said that one day, a warrior of noble birth would rise and use the amulet to unite warring tribes. This warrior would be known as the Maharlika. (Extracted from

Friday, 21 September 2012

My teacher, my hero...

A simple card. A red card. Just simply a Valentine's card. Almost 40 years old. It survived and intact (with little brittleness in the paper). Kept by one of my grade school teachers. She was my Grade 3 teacher. She retired few weeks ago after serving for so many years in one of the government primary schools in Sibuyan, Romblon.

I can't remember that I gave this little card to her. But for sure that this cut-out card was given to her in February 1973. How I did manage to have it now? Well, her daughter-in-law is my sister. My sister was helping rampaging her things while cleaning up her room at school. Of course, my teacher was excited to give it to me - reminded her/me of my thoughtfulness. I was one of the top pupils in the class and of course the best folk dancer. I did the "Sayaw sa Bangko" (Chair Dance) with her (my teacher) as the choreographer.

Thank you for giving it back to me.
Thank you for being part of what I have achieved now.
Indeed, you were my teacher... my hero!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Trese: Best Philippine Graphic Literature National Book Awardee

Watch out...13 stories will be featured here.
From the brilliant minds of two Filipinos, Budjette Tan and Ka-Jo Baldisimo, our love for komiks (comics) is coming back to life again!
Click the image to find out more...
Four volumes of beautiful artwork featuring our local scary underworld characters...

Monday, 17 September 2012

Jennifer Hillier @ MIBF2012

This was my second visit (and last day) to the book fair just to catch up with one of the featured writers by National Bookstore's book signing event. Jennifer Hillier is a Filipino-Canadian novelist who released two books, Creep and Freak. Prior to the book fair, there were already press releases regarding Jennifer's visit in Manila. It was also revealed that she plans to visit her father living in one of the islands in the Visayas and not seeing him for almost 16 years.

Without a second thought, I decided to buy the first book (Php315 less 20% discount) during my first visit to the fair. As soon as grabbed the pocket book, I started reading it... until now while writing this journal, I am on the middle part of the book - enjoying Ethan's revenge against Dr. Sheila Tao.

While Jennifer was writing her dedication in my book, I quickly asked her motivation to build-up the personality of Ethan, considering that she is a female writer. Jennifer responded quickly to my query and without hesitation, she says: "Ethan is my favorite character...I have to read and read to get additional information in developing Ethan's character."

As parting kind words, I told her that I compared her writing style with Mary Higgins Clark. Clark is my first female writer who really inspired me to read more suspense-thriller stories. She smiled while thanking me of my remarks!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Now showing at MIBF 2012

Join a Filipino Book Reading Community - Read Philippines

This is a site where you could share your favourite books. You can share your book reviews and updates about your reading blog (if you have one). Read Philippines also recommends books and announces events that are relevant to reading and publication. Check it out by clicking the image above. By the way, the site is also offering free tickets to the 33rd Manila International Book Fair (12-16 September). Click here for details.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

National Bookstore joins Manila International Book Fair 2012

Not to miss the book signing sessions of local and international writers. Personally, I am looking forward to meet the Fil-Canadian author, Jennifer Hillier and hopefully grab a copy of one of her suspense-thriller novels, Creep and have it sign. Aside from booksigning, National Book Store is also giving away an iPad unit for valued customers who visited its booth during the book fair. 
Visit its Facebook fanpage or click the image above for details. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Candy Gourlay's Tall Story grabs Philippine children's book award

THIS IS A BIG NEWS FOR CHILDREN'S BOOK LOVERS and for adults too (like myself) who read the book, Tall Story written by Fil-Brit mom, Candy Gourlay. Personally, I do not know Candy and her book, but because of the internet, I found out that her book is receiving good reviews worldwide and it was also launched in the Philippine Embassy (London).

I ordered the book from Amazon and of course contacted Candy thru her official website. Eventually, I met Candy in London last year before coming back to Manila (after my post graduate program in Northern Ireland). Once in a while, we exchange messages but due to my hectic work schedule, I seldom visit my Facebook account and not up-to-date of Tall Story's nomination in the 2012 Philippine National Children's Book Awards.

This award is organized by the National Book Development Board (NBDB) in cooperation with the Philippine Board on Books for the Young (PBBY)and launched the competition in 2010.

From the Judge's Highlights (taken from FemaleNetwork):
 "The experience of reading Tall Story was as exhausting as climbing a small hill when you’re forty and out of shape. Reading Bernardo and Andi’s story forces you to be a keen and sensitive reader. You want the story to end well, but how can it? So you keep on reading no matter what, and you pay attention to everything that happens. The plot pushes and surprises at so many different points. And you invest emotionally on characters that you discover you have loved long before the story reaches midway."
Indeed, Tall Story deserves this award... I am sure that other readers will agree with me! For the list of the 2012 winners, click here or click the top most photo. This is the link of my review and the post when I chose Candy as a featured author in the blogsite.

One more thing, if I know that Candy is one of the winners of the competition, I will be sitting in front of the stage with a big smile while the Tall Story is called. I found out that the venue of the awarding ceremony is the Mind Museum in Global City, just few meters away from our office building. Sayang talaga... but nevertheless...a high five to Ms Candy G!

As a brief history, the 1st National Children’s Book Award, six books were chosen as the Best Reads of 2010 from a total of 131 books nominated. The winners were as follows:

(1) Araw sa Palengke (Adarna House) written by May Tobias-Papa and illustrated by Isabel Roxas
(2) Tuwing Sabado (Lampara Books) written by Russell Molina and illustrated by Sergio Bumatay III
(3) Can We Live on Mars? (Adarna House) written by Gidget Roceles-Jimenez and illustrated by Bru
(4) Lub-Dub, Lub-Dub (Bookmark) written by Russell Molina and illustrated by Jomike Tejido
(5) Tagu-Taguan (Tahanan Books) written and illustrated by Jomike Tejido
(6) Just Add Dirt (Adarna) written by Becky Bravo and illustrated by Jason Moss

Sunday, 5 August 2012

33rd Manila International Book Fair

Venue: SMX Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Philippines; 12-16 September 2012 As one of the longest-running book fairs in Asia, the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) is also considered one of the most accessible venues for showcasing published works. For book lovers, this event is something not to be missed!

The place where you could find all types of publications - from educational prints or just for personal reading interest. According to its official website, by joining or being present at the MIBF, it somehow paves way to  business opportunities for entrepreneurs to a wider audience of different generations, backgrounds and cultures. For more information, please contact PRIMEMEDIA ASIA, INC. ( or CLICK HERE.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

National Bookstore on sale now

STARTING TODAY 03 August, the biggest bookstore in the Philippines, National Book Store is offering a cut-price up to 70%  off on books until 19 August. Aside from this limited offer, the bookstore has been giving a huge discount on books as low as Php100.00 (US$2.4).  For additional information, please visit its Facebook account or just simply click the photo above.

Take advantage of their "Laking National" privilege cards to earn extra points from all purchases and eventually converted into cash. This is redeemable as the points reached the minimum cash equivalent of PhP10.00. For new applicant, you can pay the membership card in the store and immediately the card is issued bearing your name. I dont know if it applies to all branches, but last year when I renewed by card, it took more than a month for the issuance of the card. I got my first Laking National card in 2005. There is a membership discount for all students by showing a current school/university ID.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Featured Author: Vanessa Morgan – the female version of Stephen King

THIS IS A LONG OVERDUE post featuring another author. Personally she contacted me if I could introduce her latest novel thru my blogsite. Unfortunately, due to my illness (I am getting better now), I did not able to write something about the launching of her latest e-book. Well, it is not too late to grab any of her books: A Good Man, The Strangers Outside (story story), and Drowned Story. A Good Man was released on 15 April 2012 and currently in pre-production with Radowski Films. 

Vanessa Morgan is a screenwriter and novelist. She is known as the 'female version of Stephen King'. You can find out more about Vanessa Morgan and her work by going to her personal blog Vanessa Morgan. If you like cats, you might also like the web comic about her cat Avalon at Avalon-Lion. Vanessa is happy to answer some of my questions which may reveal her passion in writing.

1. How long does it take you to write a book? About a year. I can write a first draft in two or three months, but it's the rewriting process that takes a long time.

2. What is your work schedule like when you're writing? Writing is my day job, so I get up around 8a.m. and after having fed my cat I start to write, usually until about 6 p.m. or later depending on my evening activities. I mainly write from home, but I also like to work in coffee shops, airports and hotels.

3. What do you like to do when you're not writing? Eating out, cooking, going to film festivals, watching movies, drinking tea, cuddling my cat.

4. What does your family think of your writing? Most of them don't speak or understand English (I'm originally from Belgium and my native language is Dutch), so they can't read my books. But I get weird questions such as: "Why does a sweet girl like you write horror books? Why don't you write a romantic comedy?"

5. How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?I have written a novel, a short story and a  screenplay. I think that my first novel, Drowned Sorrow, is still my favorite. I wanted to write a story that was so eerie that my readers wouldn't be able to sleep for nights to come. One of the reviewers said about the book: "Drowned Sorrow is definitely creepy. Possibly even crawly. I wouldn't sleep in the same room with it." That's exactly what I wanted it to be and that's probably also why I like it the most.

6. Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say? Believe it or not, but most letters I get from my readers are from men telling me that I'm beautiful and hot.

7. What do you think makes a good story? It depends from person to person, but good characters and a exciting beginning and ending are a good starting point, because people will always remember the beginning and the ending.

8. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Happy.

9. Who is your favourite author (s)? Daph Nobody, Michel Houellebecq, Carol Drinkwater, John Saul, and Jack Ketchum.

10. If you are recommending one of your latest books to a friend - how would you describe it? A Good Man is a dark comedy with a few horror elements. I could best describe it as American Psycho with a vampire. Some people have also compared it to the TV-series Dexter. It's a fun and moving story and it turns the vampire myth completely on its head. It's not the kind of vampire story you've seen before and if you think you know how things will turn out, then think again.

THANK YOU very much for sharing your passion in story-telling. I am sure this post will give you more men fans out there! Indeed, I am looking forward to get a free copy of your latest e-book and have it reviewed here in my blogsite. What do you think Vanessa? By the way, I love Belgian chocolates!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Book Fair 2012 at Market Market (Philippines)

MAD ABOUT BOOKS - This is the current book fair event at Market-Market in Global City, Taguig, Philippines. The fair started last 18 June and will end on the 24th June.

Amazingly, books prices range from PhP10pesos (24 UScents) to Php500pesos (12 USdollars).

I cant imagine that I bought 26 books from the fair and tagged as low as PhP100 (2.5 USdollars), almost 91 percent discount from the original selling price.

Aside from selling books, the fair also came-out with daily program for children.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Kobo - another ebook provider in Asia

ANOTHER USEFUL SITE! I dont know on how I got this online provider but lucky enough, the site provides free ebooks and discounted bestsellers.

As of today, the site offers a surprise savings up to 75%. Details as follows to avail this limited offering: Use the promo code: AHEaULZ at checkout to reveal your savings! This expires: July 24th, 2012. 11:59 PM EST. One coupon per customer.

For example, for the past few days the site has already marked-down the popular trilogy of EL James - Fifty Shades of Grey, Darker and Freed. The bundle is now HK$144.49 (38% less from the original price). With the promo code, additional 23% savings with the final price of HK$108.37 (9.37 Sterlingpound or PhP610).

Oops! I remember now... I found this Kobo thru my latest gadget - Blackberry Playbook. My sister bought it from Dubai few months ago and Im now using it. Since Kobo is the ebook reader applicatin in this tablet, I tried to explore its functionality as compare it to my first love mobile toy - Amazon Kindle! Honestly, I like the graphics of Kobo in the BB Playbook and this is the reason why Im also building my library. I also bought the first book of Hunger Games for HK$12 (1.1 Sterling Pound) at 85% discounted rate, including Emma Donoghue's Three and a Half Deaths (Short Reads) at HK$12.28 (1.1 Sterling pound or PhP73).

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pages to Films...

Three books that turned into movies...
All of these copies were bought from a discounted bookshop in Manila for PhP99 (US$2.36) each.
I have not watched Revolutionary Road but it got good reviews and nominated in various international awards giving bodies. The Beach showcased the beautiful islands in Thailand, while The Lovely Bones was a tearjerker. Click each bookface to find more!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Study Grants for Filipinos in Australia

DO YOU HAVE ANY PLAN TO PURSUE HIGHER EDUCATION OVERSEAS? Well, if you have, then this is the opportunity that you are waiting for! AusAID is offering qualified Filipinos a scholarship grant to pursue posgraduate programs in Australia.

If you are interested or maybe you know someone who wants to grab this rare offer, CLICK HERE or click the image below. And if you need tips to make your application successful, just leave a message in the comment box and I respond accordinngly.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Logos Hope... the floating book fair visits Manila

THE BIGGEST FLOATING LIBRARY is in town carrying thousands of books for sale. Logos Hope arrived Manila on the 16th Feb and it will be staying at Pier 15 until 13 March, and will proceed to Subic Bay (north of Manila).

Manila is a regular destination of GBA Ships since the first ship, M/V Doulos was commissioned to sail in bringing knowledge, help and hope to the people around the world. I was able to take on board in the 90s and bought books for my teaching class in the undergrad course.

Logos Hope has 408 personnel on board coming from 56 different countries, and eight (8) of them are from the Philippines.

The floating library opens from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10AM to 9:30PM, and on Sundays 1-9:30PM and closes on Mondays.

For details, CLICK HERE.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Motivational stories of Ping - the Frog

If you want to discover Ping's motivation to live intentionally, then these books written by Stuart Avery Gold will provide you the answers.

The story of Ping motivates us to face the changes in our lives and take a leap of faith to make our dreams come true... but sometimes we do not have the courage to do it because of fear to change, fear of taking risks, or someone will scrutinize our plans.

Ping also able to understand what "intentional life" means - an intentional living of what you do is one with what you are. It is about living with "clarity of purpose, an open heart, and a lively mind gives us the power to direct our destinies". Finally, it is "to live by choice not by chance..."
Ping's life is an adventure and it is an inspiration for us to do what we believe in. It is a journey that reminds us that to be successful in life is by lifting others and sometimes we need the belief (wisdom) of others too. And "never lose sight of what you desire or where you wish to be..."

Sunday, 12 February 2012

BookFace: Guide Book in passing Philippine bar exam

ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE who will be taking the Philippine law exam (or bar exam) this year? Either first time or repeaters, this book might be able to provide you a practical guide and realistic tips in passing the exam especially for those who are working fulltime or who could not attend regular review classes.

I met the author late last year when he was the primary lecturer of our corporate seminar on proper or valid employee dismissal. Being one of the project managers, the seminar provided us invaluable information on how to tackle termination of employees which will not also benefit the employers but also the employees.

Atty. Elvin Villanueva has written several books related to Philippine labor, compensation and benefits. But he also written a book that somehow explains his personal story on how he passed the licensure bar exam and to be a full-pledged lawyer. Atty Villanueva shared his story, anectodes and events that took place prior and after his bar exam in 2009 thru his latest book entitled, How to Pass the Bar Exams. Atty. Elvin also shares his views on the new bar exam system that covers 60% multiple choice questions and 40% memorandum-type essay.

I bought the book as a Xmas presence to my cousin who is now in the final year of her law course in San Beda. I asked Atty. Elvin to write a dedication in the hard cover of the book as an inspiration for my cousin to pass the exam this year. Good luck my dear cousin (Atty. S.T.) and Im sure you will be successful to pass with high marks in 8 subjects!
What is the secret of topping the bar exam...? The answer is - good grasp of the subjects, good English, good penmanship, and prayer... Noel Malimban"
If you want to find out more about the book and other Atty Villanueva's publications, please CLICK HERE.