Wednesday, 11 September 2013

BookFace: Stories about Japan


For curiosity sake, I grabbed a copy of Rashomon after reading its review in a travel magazine. I was convinced to read the book considering that it only contains 123 pages of short stories which some of them have sense of humor. I found it in National Bookstore (Philippines) for a regular price (bit expensive for few pages). I was truly convinced by the review that the author is one of the best writers in Japan and Rashomon was also adapted for film production. But honestly after reading it, I was a bit disappointed because I could not see any connection from the stories and characters to my own interest in storytelling. .

 As one of the goodreads' members commented that he was "not overwhelmed with pleasure at reading these stories." ... He continues,  "I don't have the required knowledge or appreciation of the place and time they were written but I just didn't find myself caring one way or another about the outcome of the stories."

The other book, Kuhaku was also from the National Bookstore's  discounted corner (70%). It was really a bargain grab! I enjoyed the essays based from the experiences of selected Japanese people and foreigners who decided to live in Japan for work and family. I do like the packaging of the book - from the cloth-type cover to the lay-out, including a glossary of Japanese terms at the end of the book! By the way, the word, "kuhaku" means blank, void empty space...A blank  in one's memory.

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