Sunday, 13 May 2012

Kobo - another ebook provider in Asia

ANOTHER USEFUL SITE! I dont know on how I got this online provider but lucky enough, the site provides free ebooks and discounted bestsellers.

As of today, the site offers a surprise savings up to 75%. Details as follows to avail this limited offering: Use the promo code: AHEaULZ at checkout to reveal your savings! This expires: July 24th, 2012. 11:59 PM EST. One coupon per customer.

For example, for the past few days the site has already marked-down the popular trilogy of EL James - Fifty Shades of Grey, Darker and Freed. The bundle is now HK$144.49 (38% less from the original price). With the promo code, additional 23% savings with the final price of HK$108.37 (9.37 Sterlingpound or PhP610).

Oops! I remember now... I found this Kobo thru my latest gadget - Blackberry Playbook. My sister bought it from Dubai few months ago and Im now using it. Since Kobo is the ebook reader applicatin in this tablet, I tried to explore its functionality as compare it to my first love mobile toy - Amazon Kindle! Honestly, I like the graphics of Kobo in the BB Playbook and this is the reason why Im also building my library. I also bought the first book of Hunger Games for HK$12 (1.1 Sterling Pound) at 85% discounted rate, including Emma Donoghue's Three and a Half Deaths (Short Reads) at HK$12.28 (1.1 Sterling pound or PhP73).