Friday, 21 September 2012

My teacher, my hero...

A simple card. A red card. Just simply a Valentine's card. Almost 40 years old. It survived and intact (with little brittleness in the paper). Kept by one of my grade school teachers. She was my Grade 3 teacher. She retired few weeks ago after serving for so many years in one of the government primary schools in Sibuyan, Romblon.

I can't remember that I gave this little card to her. But for sure that this cut-out card was given to her in February 1973. How I did manage to have it now? Well, her daughter-in-law is my sister. My sister was helping rampaging her things while cleaning up her room at school. Of course, my teacher was excited to give it to me - reminded her/me of my thoughtfulness. I was one of the top pupils in the class and of course the best folk dancer. I did the "Sayaw sa Bangko" (Chair Dance) with her (my teacher) as the choreographer.

Thank you for giving it back to me.
Thank you for being part of what I have achieved now.
Indeed, you were my teacher... my hero!

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