Friday, 14 September 2012

Join a Filipino Book Reading Community - Read Philippines

This is a site where you could share your favourite books. You can share your book reviews and updates about your reading blog (if you have one). Read Philippines also recommends books and announces events that are relevant to reading and publication. Check it out by clicking the image above. By the way, the site is also offering free tickets to the 33rd Manila International Book Fair (12-16 September). Click here for details.


leeshinyoung said...

Thank you for this post...I've been looking for an online book club or anything...where I could share my passion for books~~ and also learn and interact with other bookworms^^*

I joined the site already^^*

Reymos said...

Thanks for reading this post. Read Philippines is a new created booksharing community based in the Philippines. There are other existing sites that are also good to be a member such as: BookCrossing ( and Goodreads ( These sites serve as online libraries as well for the books you have read and collected. You can even post your comments and reviews and share to other book fans. Good luck!