Monday, 13 February 2012

Motivational stories of Ping - the Frog

If you want to discover Ping's motivation to live intentionally, then these books written by Stuart Avery Gold will provide you the answers.

The story of Ping motivates us to face the changes in our lives and take a leap of faith to make our dreams come true... but sometimes we do not have the courage to do it because of fear to change, fear of taking risks, or someone will scrutinize our plans.

Ping also able to understand what "intentional life" means - an intentional living of what you do is one with what you are. It is about living with "clarity of purpose, an open heart, and a lively mind gives us the power to direct our destinies". Finally, it is "to live by choice not by chance..."
Ping's life is an adventure and it is an inspiration for us to do what we believe in. It is a journey that reminds us that to be successful in life is by lifting others and sometimes we need the belief (wisdom) of others too. And "never lose sight of what you desire or where you wish to be..."

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