Thursday, 4 August 2011

National Bookstore (Philippines) sales still goin' on...

BEING A "LAKING NATIONAL" cardholder, I get points for every purchase and turn to peso equivalent from this biggest bookshop in the Philippines. National Bookstore is currently offers cut-off prices of books up to 75%. This offers started last 29 July and will end on the 21st August.
Since I arrived Manila last May 2011, I already bought dozens of books of my favourite authors as low as 75 pesos (approx 1 pound/1.7 US dollars)! It seems that it is already a habit to visit this bookshop during weekends and I can not help to grab one or two pocket books to be added to my personal collection.

With my present commitment at work, it is difficult to update my blog or even write a journal on books that Ive bought and read. Despite this, my enthusiasm to share my passion for books is not fading but thriving every day! Even I seldom write on my blog, it does not mean that I dont read or buy books... believe me, it is addictive to read stories! Of course, dont forget that I have my best companion, Amazon Kindle that gives me the convenience to read while travelling - inside the MRT or just sipping a coffee at Starbucks! I am currently reading three books - one before I sleep, one from my Kindle and another copy in my office bag!

By the way, National Bookstore near Getaway/Araneta Coliseum has a whole floor dedicated for second-hand books at very reasonable prices. So, if you have the chance to visit Cubao, then why not spend time to find out by yourself of what I've discovered!

Go...share your passion in lead...

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