Tuesday, 24 May 2011

BookFace: Courtesy of Chapters & Pages (Philippines)

THIS IS THE FIRST JOURNAL OF MY BOOKFACE series featuring books that I purchased in the Philippines. As usual, visiting bookstores and bargain bookshops is always included in my window shopping. I was surprised that alot of bookstores are now flourishing in the metropolis (inside the malls), aside from the original ones like National Bookstore and Powerbooks.

When I left the Philippines in 2005, it was hard to find secondhand books unless I have to go to the university belt in C.M.Recto where old copies could be found. At that time, it was also expensive to hardbound books.

But few weeks ago, I found this bookshop at Market Market in the newly developed commercial district of Taguig (adjoining Bel-Air area), The Global City - the former Fort Bonifacio military camp. Chapters & Pages is located at the ground floor of the mall offering discounted books - from children to adults. The store is also promoting "buy one take one" at 100 pesos (almost US$2.50 or 1.50 sterling pounds).

After browsing for almost an hour, I was happy to bring the above three hardbound books home. Saving Private Ryan became a movie first under the direction of Steven Spielberg in 1998 and the book is based on its screenplay (Robert Rodat). This is my first attempt to read a book based from the film so I dont know if the book will exceed the outstanding reviews of the motion picture. The Children of Men also became a motion picture directed by Eduardo Cuaron in 2006. Written by P.D. James, a British writer and I only found out few weeks ago while reading a newspaper in London that she is a female novelist! Finally, Mary Higgins Clark's three complete novels (Weep No More, My Lady; StillWatch; and A Cry in the Night) in one edition. She is my first female author that really inspired me to read more, more and more! Surprisingly, I also discovered that most of her novels were became popular to be adapted in tv productions.

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