Saturday, 5 March 2011

World Book Night 2011 Givers (Read-Release) Global Challenge

WHEN I READ THE EMAIL SENT BY Jamie Byng (Chair, WBN) on the day of the World Book Night 2011, two things lingered in my mind. First, the achievement for being part of the project and secondly, what I can do next after giving my 48 books. Jamie says that "WBN has been fuelled by a huge amount of goodwill and a profound love of books and a belief in the importance of reading." He adds that this is because of PATIENCE AND PASSION displayed by WBN givers since the application started in December 2010. As givers, our patience and passion for books could be the key to sustain this project, not only here in the UK region but hopefully around the world. This undertaking is borderless, no boundaries, and importantly it crosses cultures and encourages every one to be generous thru book sharing/giving. Having said that, I would like to invite every member and (non-member) to participate or do something that you think contribute to achieve this Givers Challenge. Generally, WORLD BOOK NIGHT 2011 GIVERS CHALLENGE is quite similar to our individual commitment to read a number of books a year. Thus, we can set a number of books to be shared or released elsewhere. Initially, for this WBN 2011 Givers Challenge we can do possible commitments: We can target 12 books to read per year, consequently, pass it on or give it to someone; OR we can target more than that, including books that we havent read! The ultimate goal is to GIVE A DOZEN OF BOOKS A YEAR. We can register these 12 books in WBN and BookCrossing and make a journal each of this book stating that this is part of your WBN 2011 Givers Challenge. You can even create your own blogsite/website as part of this challenge. Be inspired... "No reason at all not to READ and SHARE or GIVE a book..."



Vernie E.Espanola said...

Hi! While researching for a particular book I came across your blog. I also loved tor read. Its there by any chance you also read Beatrice and Virgil by Yan Martel? If so...what is your take on that book? btw...I liked reading your blog, I am always in search for book lovers like me as most of my friends are not into book reading.

Reymos said...

Hi Vernie thanks for the comment and it is nice to know that you love to read too. I have the book but I havent read it, including the bestseller and award-winning novel, Life of Pi. By the way, if you interested to join a book club here in Manila, we are having a meet-up on Saturday, May 14 3PM at Starbucks Gateway (near Araneta Coliseum).