Friday, 18 March 2011

My life in books...

I VISITED MY FAVOURITE BOOKSTORE YESTERDAY after watching the parade at Belfast city centre in celebration of St Patrick's Day in Northern Ireland. Having a quick chat with the owner (he's very kind), and again I explored his shop - dreaming that someday I will have a mini-library as big as this secondhand bookshop!

While moving slowly along the narrow spaces between the shelves, I could feel that these books are inviting me - to touch them and bring them home. I wish I could bring them all, but I only got three books, including John Boyne's fable, The Boy in the Sriped Pyjamas. I did not know that the author is an Irish until I watched the film (with the same title) few days ago. It is a brilliant adaptation and I thought that the book is an excellent read not to be missed. So, having the book in mind, I immediately asked the owner of the shop, if he has copies of it. Well, I was surprised that he stood up and within few seconds of scanning in the shelf, he got it - 214 pages/2007 edition!

My life in books is getting exciting...even inspired to write another short story. By the way, I've written my first story (in Filipino/Tagalog language) entitled, Loto (Lotto). Unfortunately, the electronic version was missing in my laptop, so I need to type it again in few weeks time, so watch out for that! To find more, CLICK HERE.

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