Sunday, 6 March 2011

Book Catcher 2011 Series Two courtesy of World Book Night

IN CELEBRATION OF WORLD BOOK NIGHT (WBN) in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Waterstone's Bookshop (Fountain Street) organised an event for talk/book signing, including a book quiz - Book Hunt. A refresment was served as well.

Since Im one of the WBN givers, I had took the opportunity to distribute copies of Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. It was a surprise for me to have my own small table to display the books and easier for guests to grab a copy.

In relation to the talk/book signing, there were two local Irish writers/authors invited for the event, Tim Brannigan and Alf McCreary. Both of the writers spoke about the inception/excerpts of their books, Where are you really from? and Titanic Port, respectively. It was a hearthwarming but funny chat from Tim, who wrote his own personal experience - a memoir of an adopted child by his own biological mother! Well, I cant stop myself not to get a copy and asked him to sign...This is a rare opportunity to meet indie authors like Tim and of course, be able to read his book that got an initial offer to make into a film/movie production.

Aside from Tim's memoir book, I also met some WBN givers and swapped books with them: Dissolution (C.J. Sansom) from Damian and A Time Balance (Rohinton Mistry) from Clare. Expect that these two books will travel a long way!

Note: If you want to join the WBN 2011 Givers Global Challenge, please click HERE or you can visit its FACEBOOK PAGE.

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