Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Not the kindest thing...

A STORY THAT COULD HAPPEN to anyone but there is no suspense, no excitement at all. For Deborah, this is her roller-coaster and life-changing story but this situation might be avoided if she has a different spiritual view in life! I dont know but if she has a strong faith in God, despite the love towards her husband, she will NOT do it and not suffer the consequences before God's judgement and with the law!

Why we have to blame someone for what turned out of our relationship or what we are now? We are the one who take charge of our lives, despite what happened in the past!

Unfortunately, I dont have kids, but my parents brought up my other 9 siblings successfully, and as the author described Deborah's parenting, I think what happened to Adam and her relationship with Sophie, are just a manifestation of "bad" parenting! With this serious family problem, I do believe that children and close relatives should be informed and be aware of the situation. Sorry maybe because of my cultural background and Im very upset of the outcome of the story which could be avoided if Deborah and Neil have a strong spiritual connection. Im happy of the jury's verdict but still she has to serve some few years in prison.

In fairness, the author was able to bring a very controversial social issue of the present time and somehow she managed to provide the reader a good understanding on how the court proceedings are conducted.

THIS STORY ALSO REMINDED me of last week's health topic featured in This Morning ITV (UK) noontime show. Two daughters appeared in the program to share their dilemma to terminate the life of their father who is suffering from locked-up syndrome after a massive stroke in 2005. Unfortunately, it is a life imprisonment in the UK if convicted for assisting someone to die or commonly known as "mercy killing". It is a heartbreaking story - showing the support and strength within the family members to move on and still hoping that someday they will be able to give what the father is wishing for to end his suffering.

"You were just being kind, really. Anyone'd do the same, if they really loved someone. It shoudn't be counted like murder" - Patsy

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