Thursday, 24 February 2011

The first bite isnt good enough to follow Nessy's coven

THIS IS MY FIRST FREE SOFTCOPY from GoodReads giveaways. This is also my first read about vampire lives. Initially, I got excited about having it for free with the condition of writing a review for it. I dont expect a grandeur plot considering this is a sequel of Bowler's novel, Moon Rising. But I am still hoping that Sunrise to Sunset will stand as its own merit to provide us the continuing saga of Nessy's new life: half-Gulon-half-vampire adventures.

After awaken from unconsciousness, Nessy realizes that she could not remember anything about herself. With the help of her cousin, Hera and boyfriend Charles, she managed to regain her strength and memory, consequently discovered her identity. Her past life is recurring and blends with her present life as recounted by herself. With the new role in the communities of covens and Gulons, she confides that taking responsibilities in the protection of these different conflicting groups of the underworld is causing chaos and even brings bewilderment about her future. Then again, she also enjoying this acquired “dual” identity - exploring what her DNA is leading to, even it will risk her own life.

The story is different from the normal vampire love story. It deviated from the traditional type of the underworld battles between blooding-sucking vampires and werewolves. And for me, this is something original, however, there are few things that I am bit disappointed as the way the story was written.

Firstly, even though this is a stand-alone novel, a “prologue” seems necessary to allow readers (who haven’t read Moon Rising) understand the premise of Nessy’s adventures – highlighting some of the significant events that lead to the Sunrise to Sunset’s plot. Secondly, having it in a “first-person” narration/dialogue, the author deprived her readers to fully acquaint with other main characters like Hera and Charles. It is like I am reading a ”autobiography” of Nessy or a "memoir" of a vampire! Finally, there are few typo/grammatical errors that need editing/proofreading, including repetitive descriptions and dialogues as well as inconsistencies in time setting towards the end of the book. For instance, one chapter describes the sun is rising and suddenly the next/succeeding chapter is already night time.

DESPITE THESE minor discrepancies, the author brings very relevant and important lessons to be learned that we could relate to our real lives. Some of them are something to do with companionship, leadership, friendship, love, trust, loyalty, confidence and risk-taking. Being a leader does not only mean taking authority and power, but it also allowing ourselves to listen from our peers and act not for our own glory/gratification but for the welfare of the many. Building relationships and connections requires personal commitment and hardworks, and not an overnight affair.

"Our ways were beyond the marital boundaries that existed for humans. Our love for the chosen mate was like an elastic band, no matter how much it stretched, or was twisted, it would always remain" - Nessy

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