Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Featured Bookreader: Norah BD

MY FIRST FEATURED BOOKREADER is a retired nurse and one of the active members of BookCrossing (Northern Ireland) and GoodReads. Norah BD shared some of her recent reads as well as her recommended books for others to read.

Q1: What book are you currently reading now? The Memory Keeper's Daughter (Kim Edwards)

Q2: Why did you choose to read this particular book? It is a popular title and I received it through Bookcrossing 'First Lines' Xmas game in December 2010.

Q3: Would you recommend this book to others? Why? Not really. Poor reviews on Goodreads.com. Well written, but poor characters, sad people who couldn't handle emotions, but didn't develop the story well.

Q4. What is your favorite book? Briefly describe the story. I dont have favourite.

Q5: Give at least three (3) books you would like to recommend for others to read. The Book Thief (Markus Zusak), Pompeii (Robert Harris), and The Road less travelled (M Scott Peck)

Q6: Do you collect books? If yes, how many you have kept? Yes, lost count!

Q7: If you were stranded on an island, and you have only one book to carry, what would it be? A blank notebook to write in!

Q8: What is your favorite online social network for people who love books? Goodreads.com

Q9. What is your favorite film/movie adapted from a book? I dont have favourite.

Q10: What is your favorite quote/quotation from a book or author? None.

Norah BD also posted a review of The Memory Keeper's Daughter of Kim Edwards at GoodReads.Com. As quoted from her review:

"Good start, dragging a bit in the middle, ... I did enjoy it and thought it was well written, though I didn't really like the characters, with all their secrecy and inability to be honest with each other. It was certainly quite gripping and un-put-downable!"
She adds that, she's planning to release the book somewhere in London area during her forthcoming visit. Regarding her three recommended books, Norah BD has also reviewed one of them:

"Hugely enjoyed this historical novel, which reminded me of some of the tales my Latin teacher used to recount, of the days of the Roman Empire. Lots of interestingly and seemingly factual detail, with human interest too, most of the characters being well described, and a romantic element as well, ending 'happy ever after', though veiled as part of the myth..." (Pompeii by Robert Harris)

THANK YOU NORAH BD for accepting my invitation to be featured in my blog. And of course to my readers who want to share your passion for books, drop me a line at the comment box and be my next featured bookreader!

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