Saturday, 1 January 2011

Stuck on you: short stories from Jeffrey Archer

TO START WITH THE FIRST DAY OF 2011, I purchased the latest kindle edition of Jeffrey Archer's Stuck On you - a collection of short stories from Just click the photo at the left to find out more.

Honestly, I love Archer's style of writing like his novels: Kane and Abel, Sons of Fortune, and the Prodigal Daughter; to his short stories collections: A Quiver Full of Arrows, Cat O'Nine Tales, and Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less.

Surprisingly, this kindle edition is not expensive compare to his previous books. Im not sure if this is only an introductory price and maybe later on it will be increased. At the moment, the price from is $1.56 while in (British site) is 0.99 sterling pound (99 pence).

I have also noticed that every day Amazon. com offers free ebook copies in a limited period of time (few hours, or days) and some of them are very good read, and most of the time, Im not lucky to catch these freebies. I tried to browse thousands of books listed under freebies top selection and majority of them are the classical ones and very easy to download thru my laptop.

Just beware that there are existing sites (personal blogs or commercial sites) advertising freebies or providing links to Amazon website for free ebooks download BUT THE TRUTH is that these ebooks ARE NOT FREE AT ALL. It seems that the database is outdated of ebooks that were previously posted as free during the past months. I dont know but I feel that these sites are not providing accurate information, eve though that it was cleared in the postings that it is not guaranteed for free download at the time of browsing. Do not be misguided by these advertising tricks and verify it first or click each ebook individually to confirm its current price.
In my case, I make sure with my best ability that the ones I shared here in my blog is valid and I personally confirmed that the book is downloadable at the time of posting, REGARDLESS OF YOUR LOCATION ( or will provide an alert message if this is restricted to other regions, outside US). If there are changes, then I have to do necessary updates for that particular post.

ANYWAY, IF YOU ARE a fan of Jeffrey Archer, his latest short stories is a best grab to start your 2011 - the Year of the Rabbit, and please expect my book review very soon!

UPDATES: For UK Kindle users, is offering some good ebooks for less than one sterling pound. Check it out HERE. Again, this is as of January 01, 2011.

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