Wednesday, 26 January 2011

BookFace: Rediscovering Philippine (Filipino) Folk Tales...series one

I WAS STUNNED AND SPEECHLESS when I found out that Gutenberg Project thru its Philippine-based website has free ecopies (in different formats) of books about Philippine folklores - a collection of tales that focus on magic, superstitutions and customs of the Filipino people.

First published in 1916, this publication featured tales that are frequently heard in the past, and passed from one generation to another, coming from major groups: Tinguian, Igorot, tribes in Mindanao, including the Moro and Christian communities.

For me, this is a journey of rediscovering my heritage and culture through these tales and fables that most of them are known throughtout the 7,07 islands, or some of them have similarities and parallelisms found in Europe and India as well as in Borneo, Java and Sumatra. Unfortunately, with the modern time, they are now overshadowed by Western stories and gradually vanishing!

Of course, definitely I will read them and share my reviews here in the future. So, watch out for that or maybe if you have the opportunity to read these stories, it might be useful to share your views here in my blogsite.

HONESTLY, I HAVE TO ADMIT that in spite my passion for books, I am more drawn towards English writers than Filipino authors. What a shame that, only a handful of books written by Filipinos that I have the opportunity to read which most of them were part of the Philippine academic curriculum such like the novels written by Jose Rizal, Balagtas, etc., and not to mention some of the Filipino short stories that Ive read few months ago!

Note: Using CALIBRE, majority of the Gutenberg Project formats can be converted for Amazon Kindle or Whispernet reading and for other mobile reading devices available in the market. As a reminder, the link for free download is under the jurisdiction of Gutenberg Project and maybe it will change at any time.

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