Saturday, 22 January 2011

Freebies to grab...

THIS IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD for Australia, Canada, and US regions. Unfortunately, it is NOT FREE but with a discounted price of $2 each for Asia & the Pacific, including MiddleEast and Africa.

Please note that due to copyright restrictions, the registration status of Amazon Kindle and its current location (while travelling/in transit) are the basis for free downloads. For instance, if you are travelling from elsewhere to United Kingdom (UK) with your Kindle, you cannot purchase thru but you can use the, otherwise you change your Amazon account previous location to current address or transfer your Kindle registration/account to

However, even if you did not change your Kindle registration status, and your Kindle (being detected thru wireless connection) is outside these regions, you can not avail the free download from In other words, both the account registration and the location of the Kindle should be the same region to avail these freebies, but sometimes freebies are available both in UK and US regions from and can be downloaded without any fuss, ONLY if your Kindle is registered in the US.

UPDATES: (27/01/11) Ive noticed that some of these books are already free in UK region since yesterday, even using

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