Thursday, 23 December 2010

My reading list...merry xmas everyone!

CHRISTMAS SEASON IS THE BUSIEST time of the year for everyone. Aside from buying gifts and decorating our own Xmas trees, we are also preparing for our reading list and to enjoy our holiday. Away from our work or school commitments, we could be able to engross ourselves reading our favourite authors' stories not only for the holiday but also for the new year.

Prior to this Xmas holiday, I already bought some of my favourite novels in the US. Unfortunately, most of them were left in my cousin's house, and hopefully will be sent home to the Philippines in the future. Only one book I brought with me returning back to the UK last November. Aside from being restricted of the 20 kg-luggage allowance, I already have my AmazonKindle 3G - an ultimate travel gadget from my cousin! So, it means that I will not carry any books anymore while traveling from now on!

Right now, Im currently reading C.S. Lewis novels, The Chronicles of Narnia. This is published in the US and distributed in Cosco - the big retail store in the States at $12.99 (exclusive of tax). You need to be a member to shop in Cosco! When I arrived in London at the end of November, a friend of mine from the Philippine Embassy surprised me with a book entitled, The perks of being a wallflower written by Stephen Chbosky. I havent started reading this book yet but it seems interesting. A week after, I was coming back to Belfast, I bought a book of my fav lady writers, Jodi Piccult entitled House Rules which I started reading the first few pages while waiting for my flight.

For the meantime, Im finishing Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol novel using my AmazonKindle and The Chronicles of Narnia is my back-up! Few days ago, I grabbed one book displayed in a shelve inside Belfast central train station. The book is written by Karin Evans entitled The Lost Daughters of China.

It seems that I'm getting a long reading list at the moment after buying additional 6 books from the discounted stores. Not only that, Im also building up my ebook collection in my Kindle and the Amazon website really generous to provide some useful links to free ebooks, especially the classics ones. Just to mention a few, I got ebooks of Dr. Jose Rizal's popular novels (in English translation). Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines and wrote two influential books, namely: Noli Me Tangere (An Eagle Flight or The Social Cancer) and El Filibusterismo (The Reign of Greed).
I had the chance to read these books (originally written in Spanish) in Filipino version as reading requirements in high school. I can also read them using my laptop since I downloaded the Kindle software for PC/laptop application which allows me to read even without using my Kindle or I can share files from PC/laptop to Kindle, bothways.

THIS IS IT... new stories to read and more characters to explore especially using my new travel companion - AmazonKindle3G.

Merry Christmas and God Bless every one!