Thursday, 2 December 2010

World Book Night sets in March 2011

Newsbit: (01/02/11). Im delighted to share this good news about my application for this event. Im lucky to be chosen as one of the book givers on the 5th of March 2011 and will be distributing 48 copies of Sarah Waters' book entitled, Fingersmith.

IT IS LAUNCHED TODAY (2 December 2010), the World Book Night is a special event that will encourage the lucky 20,000 book-givers to distribute the 25 chosen books on the night of Saturday, 5 March 2011.

To be considered as one of the book-givers, applicants have until Tuesday, 4 January 2011 to submit online application and the successful ones will be contacted on 28 January. The organizer will choose the book-givers according to the following criteria: a passion for reading, a commitment to spread that passion to others, the spread of givers throughout the UK and Ireland, and the need to have a diverse range of givers.

Finally, the givers must be aged 18 or over, must not be employed by or related to anyone employed by the publisher of the book chosen, and of course must be available to give books away on the night of March 5 2011. Note that the lucky givers will become founder members of World Book Night and they will be given the opportunity to share their experiences thru a social networking site.

I already applied today and below are my answers to the questions asked in the online application:

1. The book from the list of 25 that you would most like to give. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters.

2. Why have you chosen this book? Please tell us, in no more than 100 words, why you have chosen the book you most want to give and why you think everyone should read it. I chose this book because I had the chance to read Waters' debut novel, Tipping the Velvet. I like Sarah's writing style with a slice of sense of humour and sexuality. I expect that Fingersmith will offer the same excitement and interesting characters. Unfortunately, I have a copy of the book but I haven’t read it until now. So, it will be my next read as soon I finished reading Jodi Piccult's House Rules over the weekend. Honestly, I seldom read novels written by women, and Waters is lucky enough to be in my list, including Jodi Piccult and Mary Higgins Clark.

3. Who would you give your copies to? * Please tell us in no more than 100 words a little about how and to whom you would like to give the books. WBN is keen to see givers taking the books to places where they might not otherwise reach. I am a member of BookCrossing- Northern Ireland and I will collaborate with the members to distribute the books. I will ask my friend to drive me outside the city and hopefully stop in shops and malls or even bus stops to hand over the books.

4. Is there another book you would like to give if your first choice is not available? Selected Poems by Seamus Heaney

To find out more of the selected 25 book titles, CLICK HERE...
UPDATES: (21/01/11) I already got a confirmation email about my application and I was informed that the application is extended until 24 January 2011. On the other hand, it is a first come first serve basis after the organizer received more than 20,000 applicants. Most likely, those early applicants have the greater chance to be selected! Good luck!

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