Monday, 31 January 2011

The true spirit of is happening every day in our lives

DO YOU KNOW WHO IS THE FATHER OF CHRISTMAS? Maybe, you are thinking about Santa Claus - who always ready to answer our wishes! Unfortunately, Santa is not the father of Christmas, Im referrring to Charles Dickens who first introduced to us the true spirit of White Christmas.

Honestly, I dont know him until I downloaded his novel entitled, A Christmas Carol using my ebook reader - AmazonKindle3G. Coincidentally before Xmas, I watched three films adapted from the novel: 1951, 1999 and 2004 (the musical). Honestly, I have difficulty reading the book but these adaptations somehow provided me to understand the deeper Dicken's talent, sense of humor, and a glimpse of his life.

Actually, this is my second free ebook downloaded from ManyBooks.Net and it is also accessible from Amazon as well. I decided to read this during the Xmas holiday just to have a perfect setting of Dickens' story as first published in 1843. As we all know that the story started on Xmas Eve when Jacob Marley's ghost visited his business partner, Ebenezer Scrooge. Then followed by visits from three other ghosts: Ghost of Xmas Past, Ghost of Xmas Present and Ghost of Xmas Yet to Come that took Scrooge to his past (childhood/youth), present time, and his future life. Looking at these various scenes, Scrooge was moved and promised to change his attitudes towards the people around him and for his life as a whole.

Im not forgetting the true essence of this celebration in the Christian community that a Saviour was born to save the world, but Dickens' main character showed us the other side: the truth or reality of living - poverty, greediness, power, and the influence of wealth (money) which are still relevant today!

As my two Irish friends wrote an easy in Verbal magazine featured Dickens' story and they commented that "the current recessions, with its slippery bankers and corporate corruptions show that Srooge is still with us, and his story has acquired a fresh, if not frosty, bite when read in the context of today's news."
Aside from this story, Dickens has written a number of novels and Im hoping that I could read them in due time like: Great Expectations, Oliver Twist and A Tale of Two Cities.

The video clip above is the 1951 film adaptation starring Alastair Sim.

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