Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Princess and the Mythical Lump

THIS IS HILARIOUS, FUNNY AND WITTY story of a Princess who is a fan of the Frog Prince's fairy tale. It is highly-recommended for young (at least 17) and old (up to 99), with a slice of Frog Prince's story and a twist at the end.

I dont want to spoil it, so I rather discover it by yourself and find out why I was laughing from beginning to end. I encourage you to share it with your friends. Happy new year everyone!

The Princess and the Penis should be in our ebook reader's top collection list!

To get a copy, please click the photo or the title of my post and you will be directed to the original site where the book is featured.

UPDATES (12.28.2010). I could not help myself not to download the second short story of RJ Silver entitled, The Ballerina, The Gymnast, and the Yoga Master. This is the love story of Vincent while he was narrating his adventures to a writer, Anna whom he met at the park; consequently he found the true essence of "love and relationship" at the end. This is about the "change" that these two things will bring to our lives - either for good or bad. Sadly, we can not control these changes, but we have the choice and the best way is to embrace these new things happening in our surroundings and bring the relationship in a better perspective.

FINALLY, WE DO NOT need to dwell in the past relationship, we have to move on and embrace the things that the future will bring in our life. Again, a happy ending for Vincent and Anna with a little bit of an unusual twist to embark in a new relationship!

Visit RJ Silver's website for more updates and his upcoming stories. Please note that you only need an hour or less to read each story. The first book has 9 chapters while the second book has 6 chapters and these stories have been published online for free in December and October 2010, respectively.


RJ Silver said...

Hey Reymos,

Cool website. Love to see reading taking off again in this new, hi-tech era. And thanks for all your support in your reviews and comments. Connecting with good people who are also avid readers is why I write.

So, thanks again and we'll see you next book!

RJ Silver

Reymos said...

Hi RJ, thanks for the personal email and your comment here in my blogsite.

It is also a privilege for me to meet writers online - unselfishly sharing their talents thru their novels/stories.

Good luck and looking forward to read more of your interesting stories and characters.