Thursday, 15 October 2009

Grab a copy.. not to be missed!

I HAVE ALREADY FINISHED READING this latest novel from Dan Brown. It is not exciting and thrilling compared to Angels and Demons, BUT it is worth flipping it! After a long anticipation, Mr. Brown finally shared Robert Langdon's adventure - searching for the lost symbol!

If you watched the film, National Treasure (Nicolas Cage), then this book somehow adds some extra treasures to be discovered...

The Lost Symbol somehow encourages me to read the BIBLE regularly... more things to be discovered hidden in the verses written by the apostles.

Note: I have also posted a journal when I got my copy of the book from National Bookstore (Philippines). CLICK HERE

the crown... to represent the king I shall become;
the star... to represent the heavens which have ordained my destiny;
the sun... to represent the illuminations of my soul;
the lantern... to represent the feeble light of human understanding;
and the key... to represent the missing piece, that which tonight I shall at last possess