Saturday, 17 May 2008

Harlan Coben, America's top thriller writer

Harlan Coben is becoming the best American talent in crime-thriller writing. He already received numerous awards such as 3 major US crime awards and Anthony award for his "Deal Breaker" novel. His starring character, Myron Bolitar has established a best selling series which include the following:Darkest Fear, The Final Detail, One False Move, Back Spin, Fade Away, Drop Shot and Deal Breaker.

His website is: Harlan Coben

"Frankly I like his Bolitar's stories... tackle pressing issues on family and relationships; work ethics, friendship and love... Byron's character portrays the essence of being human - ambitious and learning from his mistakes. His care and affection to his parents is not to be ignored" Reymos

"No Second Chance has a terrific opening featuring a first-person narrator... I gobbled up the plot, finishing fat and foolish..." Will Cohu, Daily Telegraph

"Harlan Coben has made his intentions clear: he wants to fool his readers. And he makes a good job of doing so in The Innocent... The enjoyably intricate plot takes several turns before we are fooled for the last time and the villains and motive are revealed. A book to read in the one gulp.." Daily Telegraph

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I love Harlan Coben! I read The Innocent and loved his style of writing.

Also thanks for posting about our site (chicklitreviews) - I've added your link to our site too!

Leah x